DareNFT 2.0 Protocol

DareNFT Protocol 2.0 currently fuelling the era of digital asset tokenization.

DareNFT 2.0 Protocol will allow the following:

  • Owners can receive royalties from the derivate NFT revenue

  • Support the co owner model through smart contracts inside a blockchain

  • Support the multi chain rental NFT model through many networks

  • Most importantly it’s compatible to the existing NFT 1.0

This means all NFT 1.0's can become an NFT 2.0 through our smart contract without reminting a new NFT.

Digital assets minted as an NFT 2.0 will have more features, more applications and reflect better economics.

Therefore it will be more attractive to buyers and have better liquidity compared to NFT 1.0.

Royalty between NFT's

NFT 2.0 enables a benefit relationship between NFTs which will pay out a royalty to each owner through a smart contract.

NFT Co-ownership Model

There is only one owner with the current NFT 1.0 whereas the co-owner model helps NFT liquidity and increases the trust in ownership.

NFT Multi-chain Rental Model

NFTs naturally have a low trading liquidity and it will likely become a liability rather than an asset if the owner will hold until they can sell, therefore NFT 2.0 can offer the rental model.

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