Gaming Partners

DareNFT's Gaming Partners

DareNFT is looking to dominate the market and has already partnered with one of the world's most reputable game publishers, OneSoft. In Q2,2021, OneSoft ranked 15th in the global market as one of the most popular publishers, with nearly 200 million reported installs on Google Play and Apple Store, respectively.

In partnering with OneSoft, DareNFT will apply its revolutionary NFT 2.0 protocol to create a full-packaged service of onboarding traditional games into NFT games.

Regarding traditional games, DareNFT also has another notable partner, which is the Summoner Era game, an interesting mobile game that would like to turn itself into an NFT game.

Besides that, a wide range of NFT gaming studios have already contacted DareNFT and officially become DareNFT's partners, such as: Planet Sanbox, Warena, Knightwar The Holy Trio, Dragon Kart, etc.

DareNFT will support these NFT gaming studio partners with DarePlay’s unique feature, creating Rent-to-Earn and Lease-to-Earn marketplaces for players making peer-to-peer exchange.

To date our Gaming Partners are:

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