Community & Media Backers

Leading community and media backers support DareNFT

DareNFT has received support from several leading capital funds and communities in Vietnam and the global market such as CryptoDiffer, NFT Tech, Genesis Builders, Mandy ICO Research, Black Mamba Ventures, VBC Ventures, K300 Ventures, BMW Capital, Titans Ventures, Clovers Ventures, TK Ventures, Onblock Ventures, Space Crypto Ventures, DEC Ventures, Onebit Ventures, Kiwi Group, Vitex Capital, RADA Community, Bigcoin Capital, Black Ventures, Mayor Capital, Migoi Crypto, Crypto Holding, Chill Crypto Community, AlphaMoon Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors, Synapse Network, Crypto Daily, CryptoChecker, CMC Capital, Redhat Capital, Dreamboat Capital and AV Star Capital, as well as others.

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