Core Team

DareNFT's core team are finance experts, young entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts who all have valuable experience in building companies and blockchain technology.

We are close friends and have been working and collaborating with each other long before founding DareNFT.

Duke Nguyen (CEO)

  • OWS Vietnam (COO & Co-Founder​)

  • Keio University Japan (Quantum Computer Researcher)

Teddy Nguyen (COO)

  • Sotatek (Chairman & Co-Founder​​)

  • General Electric USA (R&D Engineer)

Thomas Nguyen (CTO)

  • Luxstay (CTO)

  • Adayroi Vingroup (Delivery Manager)

Tommy Nguyen (CMO)

  • Coin123.Net (Founder)

  • Primebot (Former Co-Founder & CTO)

Tung Trinh (CFO)

  • VPS Security (Senior Analyst)

  • TP Bank Former (FX Trader)

Max Le (CBO)

  • ICAEW (Business Development Manager)

  • Topica Native (Head of R&D)

Jason Le (CSO)

  • Space Crypto Ventures (Co-Lead)

  • Incognito Chain (Former Growth Project Owner)

Ricchi Chauhan (Finance Director)

  • PKF International (Senior Auditor)

  • ICAEW (ACA Member)

Thomas Nguyen (DareCloud Lead)

  • VinBigData - VinGroup (Solution Architect)

  • Megasoft (CTO)

Our Advisors

Our trusted and well experienced advisors supporting the DareNFT Project.

Victor Tran (Executive Advisor)

  • CTO & Co-founder of Kyber Network

  • Forbes Asia 30 under 30

Thi Truong (Strategy Advisor)

  • CEO & Co-founder of Polka Foundry

  • CEO & Co-founder of Icetea Ventures

Makota Tominaga (Business Advisor)

  • CEO & Founder of Credify

  • Chairman & Founder of Syntec Ventures

Dennis Bui (Legal Advisor)

  • Chairman & CEO of Cyber Media

  • Co-founder Onebit Ventures

Paulus Pham (Marketing Advisor)

  • Founder of Clovers Ventures

  • Founder of Coinbiz VietNam

Larry Shi (Marketing Advisor)

  • Co-founder of Basics Capital

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