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What is DareNFT?

DareNFT offers the universal NFT 2.0 protocol for Digital Assets. We have developed a suite of products that solve the current problems of NFTs, which are: Unrecognized benefits between NFTs, Unrecognized relationship between NFT owners, and hidden risks of NFT Ownership.

Our DareNFT Protocol 2.0 will allow the following:

  1. Creators receive royalties from the derivative owner’s revenue.

  2. Supports the co-owner model

  3. Supports the multi-chain rental NFT model

  4. Compatible to the existing NFT 1.0

Where is your team based?

We are a decentralized team based in Vietnam, South East Asia.

Who are your team?

DareNFT's core team are finance experts, young entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts. They all share a strong interest in the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They are close friends and known each other for a long time. They had been working and collaborating with each other long before founding DareNFT.

When is the IDO?

Our IDO was successfully launched on the 12th October 2021.

What is the DNFT Contract Address?


What is the initial Market Cap?

The total funds raised was $2.75M. The initial cap is $470K.

What is the total supply?

100 Billion (100,000,000,000).

What is your first product?

DareNFT's first product will be DarePlay - The rent-to-earn and lease-to-earn NFT game platform.

What is Rent-to-Earn and Lease-to-Earn?

Rent to earn is a phrase that refers to an action in the NFT Game. Users rent in-game items from the owner and earn money by play game.

Lease to earn is a phrase that refers to an action in the NFT Game. Owners who have in-game items can rent and earn money by the rental fee model.

Are you a gaming project?

We're not a gaming project. Our first MVP is a GameFi platform called DarePlay. This platform include a blockchain gaming launchpad for non-NFT games, alongside a launching IGO service and a Rent-to-Earn and Lease-to-Earn marketplace. We facilitate the development of NFT games.

Who are your partners and investors?

Investors participated in the rounds include Kyber Network, AU21 Capital, Basics Capital, Magnus Capital, Momentum 6, X21 Digital, Cosmos Gaming Hub — 6th biggest validator in the Cosmos Network, OneSoft, the leading studio game in Vietnam and 15th most popular game publisher in the global market, LuaVentures backed by Tomochain, Icetea Labs, BSCStation, Kardia Ventures backed by KardiaChain, Moonwhale Ventures and ZBS Capital. Alongside, DareNFT also received support from many leading capital funds and communities in Vietnam and the global market.

How will your partners and investors help?

Many of our partners will be assisting us with their expertise, knowledge and network to help the development of DareNFT's suite of products.

In particular, it is to prepare for the arrival of DareNFT's first MVP — DarePlay, the GameFi platform, including a blockchain gaming launchpad for non-NFT games, alongside an IGO service and Rent-to-Earn and Lease-to-Earn marketplaces for NFT games!

What can the DareNFT token be used for?

  • If someone would like to use the Rent-to-Earn or Lease-to-Earn services on our DarePlay marketplace, they need to use $DNFT to pay for our fee service.

  • If a non-NFT game studio would like to use our service and change their non-NFT games into NFT games, experiencing our IGO and/or INO launching service, they will need to pay us in $DNFT.

  • Similarly, if an NFT game would like to be onboard the DarePlay platform, experiencing our INO launching service, they will need $DNFT to pay for our service as well...

How can I stake $DNFT?

Staking will soon be available, please keep an eye out on our community channels for the update.

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