DareNFT 2.0 - Service

DareNFT has already been approached by many traditional gaming, music or content companies, that would like to get into the NFT market and NFTify their products to earn a revenue stream.

However, they currently have a barrier to entry as they will need to spend time learning about NFTs and setting up a team as well as a NFT infrastructure this can be costly and not time efficient.

This is where we offer the DareNFT 2.0 as a service to save time and cost for the company.

We will provide our API and our clients will send their content out and receive the corresponding NFT. The integration of our NFT cloud service only takes from 1-2 days rather than 6-12 months

DareNFT can support the traditional gaming, music company or author to NFTify their product or service, for a small fee. A user can then use fiat or normal transaction to buy the product or service from the marketplace.

We will also support a multi-chain network.

Many clients want to choose their favourite network for example:

  • Ethereum

  • BSC

  • Polkadot

  • Solana

  • Cosmos

  • Polygon

To mint their NFTs for their preference of security, transaction fee and speed.

The DareNFT 2.0 will support this.

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